SharePoint 2010 Global List Id’s

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Recently I needed to know the List id of the Theme’s list and wasn’t able to find a list on MSDN so I looked @ the SharePoint root to find out.


The SharePoint 2010 Global lists can be found @ “{SharePointRoot}\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\Lists”, the following list definition’s are available.


All these lists are provisioned from the Global ONET.xml (“{SharePointRoot}\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\XML\ONET.xml”) while creating a new Site collection.



Internal Name Name Description Id


Solution Gallery Place to store Solutions 121


Master Page Gallery Place to store Master Pages 116


User Information List All users within the site collection 112


Site Template Gallery Gallery for storing custom site designs 111


Web Part Gallery Gallery for storing web part definitions 113


List Template Gallery Make a template available for use in list creation by adding to this gallery. Default list templates are not shown 114


Theme Gallery Use the theme gallery to store themes. The themes in this gallery can be used by this site or any of its subsites. 123
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